• Thigh and Leg Muscle Toner
  • Thigh and Leg Muscle Toner
  • Thigh and Leg Muscle Toner
  • Thigh and Leg Muscle Toner

Thigh and Leg Muscle Toner

€ 19.49 EUR


  • Material: PVC, Foam, Metal

  • Size: about 8.7 x 4.7 inches

  • Light-weight and compact design: Just pack it into a small space for use when traveling.

  • Easy to use. Perfect for all ages & fitness levels & home gym workouts. Great for toning thigh muscles while sitting at your desk at work , or even watching TV on the couch.

  • Strengthens your thigh.

  • Lose your forearm fat.

  • Shape your back.

  • Make your breast lines up.

To Work Your Arms and Chest:

  • Step? Grip the handles of the thigh toner with your hands, holding it in front of you. You can sit or stand.

  • Step? Ensure that when you push inward the toner is positioned correctly, so that the middle of the "V" shape pushes outward, not inward toward your chest.

  • Step? Push the handles together while allowing your elbows to move out toward your sides.

  • Step? Complete 15 to 20 repetitions. This exercise will target your chest muscles.

To Work Your Thighs:

  • Step 1 Lie down on your back on a mat.

  • Step 2 Bend your knees to about a 45-degree position. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

  • Step 3 Place the thigh toner between your inner thighs. The thigh toner should be positioned so that it looks like an upside-down "V."

  • Step 4 Squeeze your thighs together. Even if the thigh toner moves in only a couple of inches, you still will be working your thigh muscles. Work to squeeze more forcefully, making the thigh toner move farther inward, as you use the equipment over time.

  • Step 5 Complete 15 to 20 repetitions. To increase the intensity, perform slow repetitions or pause at the top of the squeezing motion during each repetition.


Item can take up to 10 - 22 days (usually sooner) to arrive once order has been placed. Please keep that in mind when ordering!