Benefits of Waist Training

Why Use a Waist Trainer?

Weight loss
Diet is always the most essential part in any weight loss plan. 
By safely compressing your stomach, waist trainers can effectively curb appetites as the body adjusts to eating smaller portions during meals. Add more challenge to your exercise regime
Wearing a waist trainer during exercise increases perspiration (which has a cleansing effect, removing toxins and impurities) and helps the body’s thermogenesis process.


Extra back and abdominal support 
Improve your posture with waist training as it aids in keeping the body upright.
Waist trainers assist those who stand or sit for extended periods of time, keeping you from slouching , helping to relive tension and pain in the back.

How do you use a waist trainer?

Waist trainers are versatile and can be worn during different activities in the day- whether it be while you are at work, going out for social events, at the gym or relaxing in the house. They add additional curves to your torso and help you train your muscles to shape a particular way.

To wear one, start by hooking your waist trainer from the top and working your way down. With each hook, pull both sides and hook them to the clasp as you go down for an easier process.

When using a waist trainer, it is important to ensure your body is ready to wear it- waist trainers are slightly tight and therefore your body needs to adapt to the increase compression. Do not force the waist trainer to close or wear one smaller than your actual size. 

If it is your first time wearing one, we suggest you to wear the item between 2-4 hours for a couple of days or until you feel the waist trainer adjust to your body.

This is known as 'break in' as your body 'breaks' into the trainer. Eventually, increase the hours you wear it to whatever suits you. The more hours you wear the better/faster the results.

We recommend monitoring your progress with a waist tape measure. As your waist measurement reduces you should be able to progress to the second hook and eventually the third.

Please note that everyone’s body shapes are different and therefore results differ for each client.

Waist trainer Care?

We recommend using two waist trainers during your waist training program in order to give each trainer a resting period- which will enable them to last longer in terms of maximum compression.  Waist trainers should be hand washed in warm water with a non-scented detergent and laid flat to air dry- this is important as they can become disfigured if you allow them to dry curled up. Stains can be removed using non-chlorine bleach.

Remember the waist trainer are there to aid and assist you with your goals- they do not drastically transform your waist line without your dedication and effort! You must eat clean and exercise to see results. 

For best results and a permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping you must practice the 3 following components in harmony:

  1. Wearing a Waist Trainer

  2. Healthy & Well-Portioned Diet

  3. Regular Exercise